Dance Works Studio


Legends Overview and Information

Legends - Dance Works’s competition and performance group/team.  Dancers are chosen through an audition process based on several qualities and abilities.  

We choose dancers based on work ethic, focus, willingness, flexibility and ability.  We believe everyone can bring something to the table.   All dancers from novice to advanced could have a chance to make it into the team. The number one factor is fearlessness when it comes to trying new things and good movement quality.  We expect dancers to be bold in their attempts.  

Dancers will be exposed to ballet, hip hop, tap, jazz, african, acrobatics and lyrical choreography.  If they excel in at least one of these, AND give us a fair attempt in all of these, they have a spot on the team.  We do not have a limited number of spots to fill. 

Time commitment

Summer - 3 summer camps - choreography camp TBA **NEW**

School year (august -may) 3 days a week an average of 2 hours a day.  Possible Saturday rehearsals but not every Saturday.  Availability for performances around the community.  Weekly Schedule will be introduced at parent meeting following auditions.

Classes are August-May

One November competition and convention, 2-3 spring competitions. 

Disney Trip - details at parent meeting!

Financial commitment

Legends $180 monthly tuition

Summer fees for all the summer requirements (Summer Sessions and Boot camp)

$275 admin legends fee PER dance they are in due by the end of July. (this fee includes costume and choregraphy fee for each dance they are in)

Competition fees for each competition due 2 months before competitions. 

$75 November Convention fee

$250-$350 warm up and  dance wear cost **New Legend memebers**

All other studio fees apply to legends dancers - registration, recital, recital costume fees etc…

Dancer is responsible for all shoes, tights, jewlery and hotel accomodations required


Your dancers will grow in their self confidence, ability to work with others, listening and self correcting skills, flexibility, and of course each genre’s technique.  We do our best to ensure each dancer is reaching his/her potential!  Not all will be professional dancers, but we expect from them as if they were.